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Crossbow Shooting

At LMS Entertainments we pride ourselves on providing quality activities at all of our events. Crossbow shooting can provide a welcome change of pace from the usual corporate team building events where skill and judgement count more than speed and adrenaline. We will provide your team will all the necessary equipment needed for the activities. All your team members have to bring is their sense of humour and a good eye. We will provide expert one to one tuition on the crossbow stands. Like a mixture of field archery and rifle shooting crossbows are a real test of skill and co-ordination. Round targets are placed approximately 15 metres from the shooter.

Crossbow Shooting 1

Aims and Objectives:Hit the bull’s eye to score maximum points. Miss the board and score a big zero.
Task Aim: Are you a better shot than the rest of the team?

Crossbow Shooting Hire 1


Crossbow Shooting Crossbow Shooting

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